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Katherine Jackson home. Paris Jackson says so!

July 26, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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300px MJ Joe and Katherine Jackson jpg1 Katherine Jackson home.  Paris Jackson says so!

Katherine Jackson home.  Paris Jackson says so!

Katherine Jackson returns home after more than a week of absolute craziness.

Katherine Jackson has been missing for more than week and the ensuing days have turned into a “he said – she said” fest.

The 82 year old Jackson family matriarch disappeared under mysterious very circumstances. She allegedly went to see her sons perform but was instead whisked away and did not have any contact with her grandchildren.

Katherine Jackson serves or served as the children’s guardian so her role is more like parent.  What parent would just “disappear”?

When asked by ABC news why she didn’t have any contact with her children she said,

“One reason I didn’t call is I just gave up my phone and I didn’t want to have any phone calls while I was here.”


TJ Jackson has been awarded temporary guardianship of the children.  He said when he spoke to her she sounded drugged.  She also allegedly tried to fire her entire security staff and replace the staff with daughter, Janet Jackson‘s security staff.

The timing of the whole thing is very suspect since 5 of Michael Jackson‘s siblings are suing over his will.  They claim it is fake.

And then Katherine Jackson disappears. Just disappears.

After widespread media coverage, it is announced that she is at daughter Rebbie’s house. Let’s not forget that Rebbie is part of the group that has filed a recent lawsuit.

The Jackson clan is very fragmented with some saying the plan to remove Katherine from the children has been an idea that was being planned for 3 years. There were rumors of Katherine having a stroke, then her children said she didn’t have a stroke. One of her lawyers said she was resting because of a mild high blood pressure issue.

Janet Jackson showed up at the Katherine’s home and got into a scuffle with Paris Jackson even attempting to snatch her cell phone.  It is suggested that they wanted to take the children’s electronics as well so that they could not communicate with the outside.

Fortunately, Paris Jackson took to twitter and many other people became involved.

It seems to be that the whole issue is about money and perhaps the Jackson clan – or at least some of the clan – might have wanted to do away with Katherine Jackson in an attempt to silence her and try to indirectly access the late singer’s fortune. Since that’s the only shot they have of seeing any $’s.

And Joe Jackson has returned to California.  Coincidental timing or not?

The burning question is why is Katherine Jackson covering for her children.  Is she scared of them?  She is providing nonsensical answers to the whole matter.

Public opinion has been on her side but they may change is she provide clear answers.

At least the children are safe and now Katerine is too.

More news on the Katherine Jackson disappearance.


 Katherine Jackson home.  Paris Jackson says so!