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Lindsay Lohan’s one friend, Lady Gaga

August 30, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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lindsay lohan loooking good 239x300 Lindsay Lohans one friend, Lady Gaga

It’s doubtful that 26 year old Lindsay Lohan can ever fully regain her once good looks. Look how gorgeous and fresh faced she was! (photo:

Lindsay Lohan troubled life

Lindsay Lohan’s one friend, Lady Gaga

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have(m)any  friends, especially not the A list types but she count mega talent and sort of social outcast Lady Gaga among her supporters.

Lohan, a very troubled druggie starlet who once had a promising career, now only sees her name frequently on legal papers and the only real press she gets is when we are writing about her latest troubles with the law. I guess for her that’s a good thing – at least she is being mentioned!

Fortunately for her she resides in Celebrity haven Callie, otherwise she would have been locked up long ago.

Lindsay Lohan twitter 300x215 Lindsay Lohans one friend, Lady Gaga

Can you believe that Lindsay Lohan is only 26? (photo: Lindsay Lohan twitter)

No charges will be brought against Lindsay Lohan

As most of us predicted, there will no charges filed regarding the Lindsay Lohan Jewel Heist.

She reportedly stole or had others steal  2 watches and a pair of sunglasses that were reportedly worth 100G.

The homeowner had originally contacted the police to file charges but shortly after  recanted.

So Lindsay gets off scot-free yet again

Lindsay Lohan’s one friend, Lady Gaga

I guess it’s fortunately for Lindsay that she does have one high powered friend – mega talented Lady Gaga.

They become friends and even had a sleep over at the Chateau Marmont last month.

They regularly share some friendly back and forth twitter banter

Lady gaga poked fun at her bud’s Lohan’s plight and after replied to Linday’s tweet showing Lindsay “cleaning her jewels”

Lindsay was “cleaning her jewels” around the same time frame as  the Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Heist was going, she  seemed to be poking fun at the situation.

Lady Gaga replied,

300px Gaga at monster booth2 Lindsay Lohans one friend, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga , one of Lindsay Lohan’s few friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chateau Marmont suing Lindsay Lohan

No stranger to being sued, TMZ reports that Lohan is now being sued by Chateau Marmont for an unpaid hotel bill of $46,000+.

Lohan is saying she though the bill was covered by producers for Lifetime because of the Liz & Dick movie she was filing.  She allegedly said that if they don’t pay it that she will – yeah like the tanning salon!

She’s barred her from the hotel

So far, she’s pretty lucky but it can’t go on forever!


 Lindsay Lohans one friend, Lady Gaga