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Prince Harry jokes about naked photos

September 04, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Prince Harry jokes about naked photos

prince harry pulls the sledge 173x300 Prince Harry jokes about naked photosYou got to hand it to Prince Harry.

After being the subject of ridicule worldwide and undoubtedly having had to face the wrath the wrath of the Queen of England for his unbecoming to a  Prince behavior, the fun loving Prince Harry jokes about naked photos.

Good for Prince Harry.

Prince Harry is just the darling of the people in England.  Although his “Unprince-like” behavior is not that big of a deal in the United States, it could be a big scandal “across the pond”

The people of England love his easy going nature and he comes across as not being a snob and uptight.

The third in line to the throne likes to Party and had been a guest at Richard Branson‘s private Necker Island before coming to Las Vegas

In Vegas, after being photographed in the buff while plying strip billiards, the Prince suddenly found that his photos were tabloid fodder nationwide.

He and his security teams didn’t seem to know that most Vegas women (don’t hate I’m a Vegas gal by way of NY and not like that) are simply out to make a name for themselves or a buck and can be VERY treacherous.

He didn’t know this and his in room private fun was suddenly not so private anymore.

Prince Harry makes first public appearance after nude photos

The Prince made his first public appearance since since the “scandal” broke.

He was giving a speech before handing out awards for the WellChild charity for seriously ill children and cracked a joke about the nude photos before handing out the award to the winner.  he said,

All of you, children, families, nurses, doctors, carers, volunteers are quite frankly too remarkable for me adequately to describe with mere words.

But never one to be shy in coming forward, I’ll give it a go.

Well done Prince Harry.

 Prince Harry jokes about naked photos