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Rihanna loves Chris Brown

November 25, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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rihanna beating chris brown 276x300 Rihanna loves Chris Brown

Rihanna loves Chris Brown and that’s that!

Rihanna loves Chris Brown

Rihanna loves Chris Brown and that’s that.

She’s been crucified in the media for staying with the man who beat her up pretty bad but it seems that her love has no boundaries.

rihanna loves chris brown twitter 300x225 Rihanna loves Chris Brown

Rihanna loves Chris Brown!

Initially, some folks thought it was contrived, and some of it probably is, simply to get the “exposure” however,  Rihanna loves Chris Brown – – for now at least.

She’s not gonna be swayed by her bloodied up face of the past and has pretty much told the world she is “Unapologetic”

Rihanna and Chris Brown have worked together since that fateful day and  information keeps popping up showing Chris Brown and Rihanna at the same nightspots, although they arrive and leave separately.

On Saturday, she posted the above pic on twitter that looks like Chris Brown,

Most of Rihanna’s fans totally support her, offering words of encouragement,

True love has no limits….period

it the bad times that will make the relationship stronger and will help prepare you for the future issues that life bring. You will be able to say I can handle this because of what I been threw in the past. Enjoy your life baby!

And a few had words of warning for Rihanna,

Leave him alone girl. He’s going to hit you again.

Chris Brown has professed his love for Rihanna and his sort tof ex-girlfriend in a video.

For a girl who loves the media attention so much and thrives on shock value, why not just admit you are back with your bf?

Perhaps it is that media pressure. And that’s why Rihanna is taking baby steps in letting her followers know that she is back with Chris Brown.

Brown has been up to his same old’ antics, slamming his haters on twitter and then deleting his twitter account yet again.

For now, Rihanna Loves Chris Brown. And that’s that!

 Rihanna loves Chris Brown