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Should celebrities take care of family and friends?

August 10, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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300px Regis Philbin and Joy Philbin in 2009 Should celebrities take care of family and friends?

English: Regis Philbin and his wife Joy Philbin at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival celebration hosted by Vanity Fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you scratch your head in disbelief when you hear of a celebrity, who has MEGA dollars, that flat-out refuses to take care of family and friends?

Should rich celebrities take care of family and friends?

Does it change your opinion of them if they don’t?

The truth is not all celebrities take care of family and friends.

Here are two examples of celebrities that don’t:

Madonna and her brother Anthony Ciccone

Like many families, Madonna doesn’t get along with her brother, Anthony Ciconne, an alcoholic who is pretty much living on the streets.

On the streets!  As in homeless.

His sister, Madonna, depending on what reports you read, is worth nearly $1 billion dollars and hasn’t helped him.

Some say she offered to pay for rehab.

Anthony Ciconne once said of his famous sibling,

Madonna doesn’t give a sh*& if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world.

He has also said,

I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other. No family back up, when the chips fell, no family back-up… What would you do under these circumstance when your family has stood against you completely?

For whatever reasons, Anthony Ciconne is messed up and was recently arrested in Traverse City, Mich.

The guy is homeless and messed up. If he were MY brother and I had a billion dollars, even far less than that, I’d help him out in a hearbeat!

I used to be such a huge Madonna fan and, while I still enjoy her music, it’s just not the same to me.

Regis Philbin and his son Danny Philbin

I remember reading about Regis’ son Danny a few years ago and it really changed my opinion of him.  I’d watch him occasionally when he was on Regis and Kelly and listen to him talk about how enjoys dining out in expensive restaurants each night and once I heard him boast about a very expensive pair of shoes. He always seemed to be boasting but still very likable.

That all changed when we found out that Philbin has a son, Danny, who is disabled and actually had a limb amputated.  Danny, once held a job at the Pentagon, and had to move after Hurricane Katrina because of his mother-in-laws health.  He’s been struggling and does not have the greatest relationship with his Dad.

Things were so bad, that he could not even afford groceries for his family and he was very apprehensive about asking his father for help due to their strained relationship and because of how badly his father made him feel when helping him.

Finally, after all bad press about the situation came to light, Regis allegedly coughed up some $’s. He said he didn’t know how bad it was for his son.  Look, you may live in your own world but could you really be that out of touch or do you just not give a hoot!

Am I in the minority here?  If I had a family member or a friend who really needed help and I could help, I would.  If I had the money that Madonna or Regis had, my family members would be living a very good life. I wouldn’t want them to have to worry about anything.

All families have their dynamics, whether rich or not, however do Madonna and Regis, and perhaps other celebrities, feel that because they made the money that they are not morally bound to assist family members unconditionally. They couldn’ t even spend all the money they have so why the greed?

Or is it control?  Along the lines of , “I will give you money but you must do what I say”.

Which Celebrities take care of family and friends and then some?

300px Charlie Sheen March 2009 Should celebrities take care of family and friends?

Charlie Sheen is a celebrity known for his genorosity.

What rich celebrities take care of family of friends? Are there any? Fortunately, there appear to be plenty, however, the three that instantly come to mind are Charlie Sheen, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock.

Charlie Sheen is just a generous guy.  He takes care of his family, including ex-wives and they do not have to worry about money. He has also donated to a number of causes and helped numerous people.

Tom Cruise seems to pop up at the most strangest times and it’s not scripted.  He’s met people from all walks of life and, in addition, to huge donations, he has helped out many individuals.

Speaking of donations, I’ve lost count on how many million dollar donations Sandra Bullock has made.  A million dollars at a pop!

For a woman that regularly opens up her checkbook and writes huge checks without batting an eye, it seems apparent that she would not let a troubled sibling, family member or even close friend suffer unnecessarily.

Although Sheen, Cruise and Bullock are all extremely wealthy, they have not lost touch with reality. They are celebrities and may be living a luxurious lifestyle, however, they have not forgotten how tough it is economically and have opened up their pockets more times than you know about and many more times that you read about.

They are not just helping family but many others in need. Kudos to them and others like them.

What do you think? Should rich celebrities take care of family and friends?

 Should celebrities take care of family and friends?