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Would you really name your kid Bear like Kate Winslet did?

February 25, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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kate winslet ned rocknroll Would you really name your kid Bear like Kate Winslet did?

Ned Rocknroll and Kate Winslet (Photo: US Magazine)

I mean seriously would you name your kid Bear?

It’s fun to be different and celebrities, of course, bank on their extreme differences to keep them in the limelight.

And that’s OK.  They need to try to stay on top and draw attention to themselves.

Most, though, want their kids to have a sense of normalcy.

If kids today are anything like they were when some people I know were growing up, Bear would be the butt of jokes all day long.

Maybe celebrities don’t worry about that too much because they have plenty of funds to help protect and insulate their kids, but they can’t be with their kids every second.

Kate Winslet doesn’t care and said,

People might judge all they like, but I’m a f–king grown-up.

She sure is but her little baby Bear is not.

I know I would bust out laughing each and every time I said the name if Bear was my friend.  As adults, they can take it but why put a kid in that position?

If you love the name Bear so much, use it as a nickname.

At 38, Kate’s already on marriage #3 and has two children besides Bear named Joe and Mia, one from each previous marriage respectively, and they both have her surname as part of their names. Mia’s middle name is Honey but that’s another story. At least it’s her middle name.

Thankfully she and hubby #3 Ned Rocknroll (who used to be known as Abel Smith) agreed that Bear will carry at the Winslet name.

But Bear?  Sure, we know there are a few famous characters with the surname.

Off the top of our heads,Yogi Bear and Smokey The Bear come to mind.

Oh, and there’s Bear Blu. Who you ask is Bear Blue? Why Alicia Silverstone’s kid.

We can think of so many more interesting, unique names that have the potential for much less ridicule.

Would you name your kid Bear?

 Would you really name your kid Bear like Kate Winslet did?