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Charlie Sheen performs another good deed

January 10, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Charlie Sheen cigar Charlie Sheen performs another good deed


Charlie Sheen performs another good deed

Charlie Sheen performs another good deed, this time chipping in for the funeral cost of the paparazzo who was killed while following Justin Bieber’s car.

Charlie Sheen has always been extremely generous with his fortune. When he was going through his own rough period, it seemed that everyone wanted to bash Sheen but the truth of the matter is that the guy is brilliant and likely misunderstood.

He totally believes in the family concept and has taken care of the former people in his life, numerous times.

He even donated $1 million to the USO. The actual total of that donation could be much, much more, since the way he structured that donation is that it is tied into how well his new show, “Anger Management” does.

In the latest case of generosity, Charlie Sheen has contributed $12,000 to the family of Christopher James Guerra, the 29 year old photog who was killed while chasing Justin Bieber’s car.

Even though some may talk bad about the paparazzi, they are just trying to make a living. The very out-of-touch and self-absorbed Miley Cyrus had the audacity to bash Guerra and took the opportunity to vent about how frustrated she is on twitter.

Also, Bieber expressed condolences, but similarly bashed the paparazzo in general, and didn’t offer up a cent.

Now look, Bieber has got kazillion’s.  Sure it wasn’t his fault, at all, but the photog was trying to make a living and Bieber could have had the class to do something nice. He did not have to, although he could have. But, he didn’t.

Charlie Sheen did.

Charlie Sheen performs another good deed simply because he is being a sensitive individual and responding to a very tragic situation.

He told TMZ,

A tragic accident like this erased the line between the photographer and the subject.

He also said,

As parents, we are not supposed to buy our children.

It’s a prime example of the difference between the younger “ME, ME generation” and a class act like Charlie Sheen or a Sandra Bullock.

Way to go Charlie!

 Charlie Sheen performs another good deed