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Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose?

February 06, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose?

It seems like the self-promoting Kim Kardashian can’t get a break lately proving that money can’t buy everything – – like a divorce.

Hubby Kris Humphries, yes they are still married, has implicated through this lawyer that her pregnancy was “unplanned’ but the statement, implied that perhaps Kim Kardashian got pregnant on purpose.

kim kardashian pregnant Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose?

So did she?

Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose with Kanye west’s baby?

Well, of course she did.

Nothing in the Kardashians lives in “unplanned’.  Remember it is all for the reality show and making money. Duh!!!

She had to make the decision to stop using protection – didn’t she?

Kris Humphries is determined to have his day in court because he truly feels he was wronged by Kim Kardashian and wants to prove it to the world.

He feels he was made a fool out of and that he was a pawn simply for ratings for the show. He probably should let it go but obviosly was very much in love and feels used and abused.

His lawyer, Marshall W. Waller, according to People,  writes that “what is really going on here is that an ‘urgency’ in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy” is being used by Kardashian as “an opportunity” to gain a litigation advantage to prematurely set this matter for trial.

Notice how he writes “apparently unplanned pregnancy”

He goes on to explain his reasoning for calling the pregnancy “unplanned” writing, “Indeed, why would (she) plan to get pregnant in the midst of divorce proceedings?”

Does he really think she cares if she is married or not?

Kim has said,

God brings you things at a time when you least expect it. I’m such a planner and this was just meant to be. What am I going to? Wait years to get a divorce? I’d love one. It’s a process

She knew it was going to be a long time and she is not getting younger and she’s in love so she got pregnant.

Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose?

So did Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose? Reread her own words and, if you watched the first few episodes of  Kim and Kourtney with her lamenting that maybe it is not meant to be – you will see that it was all planned and also made for a great show storyline.

Looks like her 72-day marriage will continue to haunt her for awhile.

 Did Kim Kardashian get pregnant on purpose?
  • Sonya Gilmore

    im watching her show right now and all it’s about is kim wanting to get pregnant. Am i like the only person who feels like her relationship with kanya is such a stage relationship. there relationship is for the public and all so they can make more money off of us. i feel this guy is not lieing he was used and abused she only wanted him so she could get married and make more money.

    • Miz.Chellie

      I think there are a lot of others who feel the same way you do. I think more and more people are starting to see through all the “phoniness”.

  • Tina patterson

    I don’t like to judge and I don’t know her but by her actions.. She seems to be trifling (just like her mother) remember ladies your body is your temple
    For kris I feel bad but you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

    • Miz.Chellie

      It’s true none of us really know her but so many things seem to be so contrived. I guess a lot of the so-called “reality” shows are like that.