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Britney Spears Las Vegas deal nearly complete

February 05, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Britney Spears close to Las Vegas deal

It looks like there might be an announcement soon since Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph is saying that it’s true that the Britney Spears Las Vegas deal is nearly complete.

Britney Spears has taken a lot of heat in recent years.

From her mental breakdown to her continual lip synching,  it sure has taken a toll on her personally but certainly not professionally.

Even though Britney can’t sing – come on admit it she can’t – she does have a huge following.

Britney Spears yesteryear Britney Spears Las Vegas deal nearly complete

Britney Spears earlier in her career

Can you imagine Britney Spears belting out the Star Spangled Banner like Beyonce did at the recent conference without any music?

We can’t either.
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She’s a product of the studio and an absolutely outstanding marketing team.

Having a residency in Las Vegas would provide her with some structure and a team to cater to her every whim plus she’d have scores of “handlers’ around.

The casinos are banking on her huge following to sell out her shows, which they will, at least initially, and bring in tons of revenue that they hope will spill over to the gaming floor so as long as she lip syncs to the music and prances around, fans worldwide will clamor at the opportunity to get up close and personal with her.

The Britney Spears Las Vegas deal has been rumored to be with Caesars Entertainment at Planet Hollywood, perhaps even appearing at numerous Las Vegas venues that they own and there are talks about another venue as well.

Spears herself has hinted at the deal. Her adorable dog has a twitter account and tweeted at Britney

Britney tweeted back

So it does look like it’s gonna happen.

The only possible downside to a Britney Spears Las Vegas deal is that it might be the end of the road for her however, on the plus side, it might be the step she needs to be taken seriously again.

Stay tuned.

 Britney Spears Las Vegas deal nearly complete