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Rihanna stands by her man, Chris Brown

February 07, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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300px Rihanna in Last Girl on Earth Tour 16 04 3 Rihanna stands by her man, Chris Brown

Rihanna stands by her man

The superstar is getting bashed by many for supporting Chris Brown during his court appearance yesterday.  She has again proved that she doesn’t care what the world thinks and Rihanna stands by her man, accompanying him to court.

Rihanna also sat with Brown’s mothers, blew kisses to Chris Brown and left in the same car with Chris Brown after his court appearance.

Btw, he was in court for alleging lying that he was on court ordered work detail when he really wasn’t. He’s still on probation and has another court date on April 5.

There are many that are upset with Rihanna for her behavior saying that she is a bad influence.

rihanna chris brown court apperance Rihanna stands by her man, Chris Brown


Many people cannot fathom how a woman was brutalized so badly at the hands of  Brown, could willingly go back with him but the reality is that it happens all the time with people.

And really, all this talk is not fair to Rihanna.  She’s s grown woman, is not mentally impaired and appears competent enough to make her own decisions.

Rihanna is a singer.  She is not an intellectual, not a politician,  not a teacher nor is she viewed as a  person thought of as influencing others.

She’s a singer.

Rihanna  has never EVER in her career served as a good role model, or been called one so why is there is such outrage and such an expectation placed upon her?

For the fans that adore her, they can adore her for her singing and performing skills, and of course her looks.

I’d like to think that her millions of twitter fans are, for the most part, not mentally impaired and are capable of making their own decisions and won’t all run out and find a wife-beater or a girlfriend beater, like Chris Brown is, simply because the person they idolize is involved in an abusive relationship.

She loves Chris brown and has pined for him for the short time they were apart and, it appears, was secretly seeing him for quite some time.

That’s who she wants to be with and that’s why Rihanna stands by her man.

Leave her alone.

There is even some speculation that Rihanna and Chris brown might even perform together at the Grammy’s!

 Rihanna stands by her man, Chris Brown