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Lindsay Lohan still has some friends

February 08, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Lindsay Lohan friends Lindsay Lohan still has some friendsLindsay Lohan still has some friends

It looks like trobled former starlet Lindsay Lohan still has some friends left.

Even though Lindsay Lohan still has a host of legal problems and has nearly burned all of her bridges, there are still some people that are willing to help her out.

She continues to travel and doesn’t act like someone who doesn’t have any money.

Bear in mind that a star, or former star, who says they do not have any money is a very different situation than an average person who says they have no money.

When an average person says they have no money, they usually mean it.  That means, to an average person, that they can barely eat and are steps away from being homeless.

Having no money, to the average person. means you can’t purchase first class plane tickets and globe trot around the world nor take numerous extravagant shopping trips.

And, the average person that has no money, can forget about hiring a top-quality lawyer and run up a $150,000 bill because no high quality lawyer is going to deal with someone without any money.

While it is true that Lindsay Lohan may not have as much money as she once did, due to her drug habit, partying and no work lifestyle compounded with her continually mounting legal and IRS  trouble, she still has money.  Just less of it.

You will not hear the average person that does not have any money  say, “Oops I thought I paid that $150,000 pesky little legal bill to my high priced lawyer – do I really owe that?”.

But Lindsay did.

And people keep giving her breaks.  Charlie Sheen generously gave her a 100 grand and now La Lohan is living in a Penthouse in New York – all courtesy of a friend. And it’s rent free.

So you see Lindsay Lohan still has some friends left – for now!

 Lindsay Lohan still has some friends