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Jenna Jameson in trouble again

July 02, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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What’s with her? Why is Jenna Jameson in trouble again? Did she have another accident and drive into yet another “pole”. More drug allegations against the pill-popping queen?  Did she and on-again off-again Tito Ortiz duke it out in yet another domestic mini brawl?


It seems that the former and as of late troubled gal has not paid her bill on the Maserati she is driving.  The former porn queen has been driving around in a luxury  Maserati Quattroporte S that she leased from Maserati Financial  It’s a 2010 model and even now over 2 years later that a used 2010 Maserati can fetch at least 120K.

Is Jenna Jameson in trouble again because she is just so busy and simply forgot about making her monthly payment on the leased vehicle?

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Maserati Quattroporte (Photo credit: stevelyon)

TMZ claims that Jenna Jameson stopped paying the monthly lease fee of $2,299 on the luxury vehicle in January and that Maserati Financial has been trying and trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to repossess it.

They have finally had enough.  The matter will now  be resolved in court.  Maserati Financial wants their leased vehicle back ASAP and they also want her to pay $107,000 in damages.

With Jenna Jameson in trouble for failing to make the monthly lease payments on her car, she can ease her mind knowing she is not alone. She joins countless others who have not made their payments.  I think the big difference is that she had or should have had the funds to do so.

She joins others other celebrities who have gone the same route. Most notably Floyd Mayweather.

Back in 2009, Las Vegas’ bad boy and current jailbird, Floyd Mayweather was sued.

Mayweather had purchased a $558,000 luxurious Mercedes Maybach 57S .  A little over 2 years later, he simply decided to stop making the $9,000 a month payments on the ultra luxury vehicle. The bank repossessed the car and sold it for $196,000 far short of the $363,000 he still owed on the vehicle.

Will Jameson be required to fork over what she owes plus damages?  Since the suit was filed in California, also known as a celebrity haven, we will just have to wait and see.

I’m sure it Jenna needs a ride anywhere, she’ll have absolutely no issues finding a willing, unpaid driver! 🙂

 Jenna Jameson in trouble again