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Lindsay Lohan jewel heist

August 28, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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300px Lindsaylohanmugshot Lindsay Lohan jewel heist

Lindsay Lohan – a far cry from the once fresh faced aspiring starlet

Lindsay Lohan jewel heist

Yesterday we told you that sticky fingers Lindsay Lohan was up to her old tricks and likely involved in a jewel heist.

You know – stealing one of her favorite pastimes.

The girl is already on probation for stealing that necklace at that Venice Jewelery store and is just a bad seed.

It’s “high” time that everyone admits that and stops feeling sorry for her

She’s just not a nice person – definitely someone you don’t want at YOUR house.

Lindsay Lohan Jewel Heist – will she really face any serious time?

The Lindsay Lohan jewel heist netted her about 100G – 2 watches and a pair of sunglasses that were taken from  the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid who then recanted

Hmm this happened a week ago and only this past Saturday, she braggenly tweeted,

Didn’t see any watches tho. I guess even she’s not that dumb!

The thing is after Sam reported the theft, he then retracted his statement leaving Police in a quandary because how can you make an arrest in the Lindsay Lohan Jewelery caper if no one is complaining?.

She had also allegedly tweeted a tweet that is no tonger on her account.  It reportedly said,

All of this negative press is BS…. Whenever I’m doing great, people fabricate lies. It’s such a shame. I’m just sayin’ xo

Lindsay Lohan Jewel Heist

Further adding to the mix was Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s Dad who she has an on-again off-again relationship with and who has his own troubles, is all of a sudden speaking out in her defense which just seems kinda weird. And then Sam drops his complaint and writes to cops saying nothing has been stolen.  Really?

Dina has been uncharacteristically quiet these past few months. Maybe she has accepted the fact that her evil spawn is well – – Evil. An evil crackhead!

TMZ has gotten some great new juicy details.

Apparently the LAPD is still investigating the case.

Lindsay apparently hightailed it outta town because the heat is on and flew off to New York

Lindsay Lohan official suspect in jewel heist

They are investigating Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle, the same guy who was with her when she crashed the Black Porsche and may have tried to bribe the truck driver in that fiasco.

There may be another witness who can provide the needed information about sticky fingers Lohan.

Look, it’s no surprise that Lindsay Lohan is a thief – shoot she’s been taking big ticket items for years.and years.

The big question is could Lindsay Lohan really face any serious jail time for theft?

Lindsay Lohan suspect in yet another case

lindsay lohan looking 40 Lindsay Lohan jewel heist

Lindsay Lohan’s looks have changed – – for the worse (photo: TMZ)

Maybe the LAPD is just feeling stupid because nothing ever happens to Lilo under their watch so now TMZ reports that they want to question her again because she allegedly lied when she said she wasn’t driving the Porsche in one of her many previous accidents. Coincidental timing wouldn’t you say?

Remember folks this happened in California.

You know the celebrity justice state where small time criminals get big time sentences and celebrities who commit big time crimes get little to no time.

She better stay out of Vegas because the Vegas cops would lock her up and throw away the key!  Just like OJ..

They have a reputation as being not too fond of crack-ho’s who steal.

What a waste!

 Lindsay Lohan jewel heist