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Robinson Cano, the multi-million dollar cheapskate

December 13, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Robinson Cano Robinson Cano, the multi million dollar cheapskate

Robinson Cano

Deadbeat dad Robinson Cano, the multi-million dollar cheapskate inks a huge deal and leaves his son and his baby mama in poverty.

You have to wonder, sometimes, just what in the heck these “celebrities” are thinking.

Shouldn’t anyone, particularly celebrities with their oodles and oodles of money, take care of their family.

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While there are some extremely generous ones, like Sandra Bullock, Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise, there are others that are so very cheap when it comes to taking care of their family.

Like Madonna.

Like Regis Philbin.

And Like Robinson Cano.

With Jay Z representing him, the ex-Yankee just inked a huge 10-year $240 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners.

And that huge accomplishment is overshadowed because he’s a deadbeat dad who is embroiled in a  bitter child support war over his 3-year-old son

Now min you he’s been making millions for years. His son is three so let’s look at his salary, without endorsements, for the last three years.

In 2011, he made 10 MILLION.

In 2012, he made 14 MILLION

In 2013, he made 15 MILLION

Now he is guaranteed $24 million a year for the next 10 years.

That $240 million deal is the third largest free agent contract in history.

But his son and baby mama Jackelin Castro live a very different life in the Dominican Republic.

Castro says the support payments of $600 monthly have been inconsistent and they are suffering financially.

Her son was recently awarded an additional $600 per month as a “provisional pension” and Castro says that is still not enough.

It’s an ugly fight and Robinson Cano, the multi-million dollar cheapskate and Castro are no longer on speaking terms.

Interestingly, she confirmed to the NY Daily News that she was offered a 10-year contract to sign earlier this year that provided the same $600 a month support payment and included visitation rights.  There was also a penalty clause with steep fines if she discussed it so she, apparently wisely, refused to sign it.

Perhaps Cano knew all along that he’d ink a huge deal and wanted to lock Castro into a paltry contract.

Can you imagine making all of that money and not providing to your child?

Sure there may have been some bitterness between the two but who cares.

You are a multi millionaire!

Buy them a beautiful home. Provide them, yes both of them, with a really nice lifestyle and an allowance too.

Isn’t that the point of making it – to share the wealth with family, friends and loved ones?

He shouldn’t even need a court order.  Cano should man up and do it willingly.

He should have done it three years ago.

Why be so friggin’ cheap!

Cano won’t discuss the matter publicly.

He is scheduled to appear in a court in the Dominican Republic in Jan. 2014.

He may be a winner financially but Robinson Cano, the multi-million dollar cheapskate, sure sounds like a HUGE LOSER in the morality department.

 Robinson Cano, the multi million dollar cheapskate