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Taylor Hicks performs at Bally’s Las Vegas

July 29, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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Taylor Hicks performs at Bally’s Las Vegas

116x150 Taylor Hicks performs at Ballys Las Vegas

Taylor Hicks arrives at Fox’s ‘American Idol 2012’ Finale Results . (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

I was surprised to hear that Taylor Hicks was performing at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Do you even remember him?  Yeah, that guy.  The one that won American Idol. Ya know the Season 5 champ who danced oddly.

I kinda liked him because he was different but then he sort of faded into obscurity. There were rumors that he wanted to play his kind of music and wasn’t interacting too well with those that could have helped him and more importantly is career.

I had checked out his website a few year back just wondering what the heck happened to him. I knew that he was dropped by his record label along with Rueben Studdard (remember him) and wondered what he was doing.  It looked like he was relegated to playing fairs and smaller venues from the tour lineup I saw on the website.

And now he’s in Vegas.

He is in the midst of an 8 week run at the Indigo Lounge located inside of Bally’s Las Vegas. The indigo Lounge is an intimate type of lounge at Bally’s.

Last I was there it was a more quiet atmosphere and had a piano bar. It’s comfortable, near all the action and good a choice to meet at before hitting up the abundant night life that Vegas has to offer.  Although it wouldn’t be my choice to hang out at for long hours. IMHO.

So what I am saying is that although Taylor Hicks now performs at Bally’s Las Vegas, don’t read too much into it and get all excited and think this is a mega deal or something. It not Caesar’s Palace where you would see Elton John or Celine Dion. But still it’s Vegas.

Hicks looking older than he did in Season 5, is more than midway though his 8 week engagement and the show has gotten some pretty decent reviews. Hicks performs with his 5 piece band and his show is said to last for 90 minutes.

If you’re looking to check it out, Taylor Hicks performs at Bally’s Las Vegas for 8 weeks only.  His run will be up soon since he started his engagement on June 26th.

Ticket prices are $29,99 with a VIP package available for $59.99

I just might have to check it out.

 Taylor Hicks performs at Ballys Las Vegas
  • thetruth

    I can guarantee you will be blown away by the amazing Taylor Hicks. He’s a class A talent with a top notch soul/r&b/jazz/rock band. Better hurry, tho. He’s only scheduled to play thru Aug 20 although I hear Bally’s wants him to stay longer and extend his run because of the great reviews and buzz his show is creating in town.

    • Miz.Chellie

      Yeah – I am going to check it out. I’ve been hearing real good things!