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The Bruce Jenner transformation

February 16, 2014 Chellie Cervone
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Bruce Jenner wheaties The Bruce Jenner transformation

Bruce Jenner (Photo credit: GeneralMills)

The media is abuzz with word that Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman.

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Just because he has had neck surgery to reduce the appearance of his Adam’s apple, is showing some “man-boobs”, wearing his nails a little longer and sporting ombre hair does not necessarily mean that Bruce wants to become a woman.

It is possible that the former Olympic athlete, who reportedly likes to dress in women’s clothes,  just wants to look good and regain what he considers his glory days.

You do know that a lot of the showbiz types of folks live in their very own fantasy land, their very little “Private Idaho”, right?  And, Jenner certainly has the resources available to mold his appearance into whatever image he conjures up in his mind,  so maybe he just wants that image to become a reality.

Although never a “hottie”, Bruce Jenner, back in the day, was a squeaky clean all american looking guy that was considered handsome by women.

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The Olympic gold medalist graced the Wheaties cereal box, was thrust into the spotlight and soon became a household name.

He got married for the first time when he was in his early twenties and after that marriage ended he went right into marriage number two with Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend.

When that marriage went bust, the couple remained on friendly terms.  They were seen together for years after their divorce.

After then he hooked up with Kris Kardashian and made her a Jenner.  Pretty soon, Jenner found that his life was not really his own.  Visibly uncomfortable being in the reality show spotlight, it was apparent that even though Bruce Jenner is fairly easy-going, he did not like being under Mrs. Jenner’s thumb.

But being around all those women and their stylists may have exaggerated an already occurring mid-life crisis. Now he’s older, wiser and wanting to enjoy the rest of his life.

Maybe he wants to become a woman.

Maybe he doesn’t

Maybe he just wants to look good.

We do know that he will reportedly remain on of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

You know how we know? Because Kris said so.

At least for one more season.

What do you think?  Is Bruce Jenner in the early stages or changing his gender or just in the throes of a late midlife crisis.

 The Bruce Jenner transformation