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Chris Brown seizure, what caused it?

August 11, 2013 Chellie Cervone
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Chris Brown seizure possibly brought on by stress?

Rihanna Brown Chris Brown seizure, what caused it?Chris Brown, who will go down forever in history as the guy who pummeled Rihanna, reportedly had a seizure Friday morning at an LA recording studio.

His publicist,  Nicole Perna, said that the Chris Brown seizure was not an epileptic one and was brought on by the stress and the “continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity”.

Unfounded! Do you remember that lovely pic of Rihanna with her face bashed in?

What about Brown’s fight with Drake in New York? Granted, there were some ridiculous lawsuits filed over that incident, however, his actions contribute to his image.

As far as lawsuits go, any celebrity with a name faces lawsuits at one time or another. They make a ton of money, though, and their high-priced lawyers that they pay big bucks to, handle those matters for them. Just think John Travolta.

From Chris Brown breeding pit bulls, to Brown’s lying about the community service he was supposed to perform due to beating his on-again off-again girlfriend up, he seems to make the news continually in a bad way.

Remember Chris Brown’s childish and violent outburst during his Good Morning America interview where he trashed the set?

Chris Brown seizure from stress or drugs?

Simply put, he acts like a thug and that is how he is portrayed in the media.

Long gone is the image of the clean cut kid who could dance like nobody’s business.

He has such a bad reputation that there is a petition being circulated to have Brown booted from the lineup of a Toronto Summer Rush concert.

His actions cause the negative publicity and now everyone is supposed to feel sorry for him because everyone else caused it!

At least that’s what his lawyer seems to be saying.

Thug or not, seizures are no laughing matter and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

I know people who suffer from seizures, diabetic and epileptic, and it’s certainly a scary thing to watch. A good friend of mine died in his sleep in a phenomenon known as Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Drug users, legit and otherwise, can suffer from drug induced seizures.  It sort of goes with the territory and some illegal drug users do not even seek medical treatment unless it is really bad.

Benzodiazepines, Benzo’s for short, can cause breakthrough drug-induced seizures. Even withdrawal from these drugs can cause seizures. Benzo’s are highly abused and include popular drugs that some use recreationally like Xanax, Ativan and even Valium.

Isn’t it odd that Brown reportedly did not seek medical attention, particularly if he does not have a known history of seizures or a medical condition that could cause seizures? Wouldn’t you have sought medical assistance if you had a seizure?

Hopefully Brown will be OK, however he should stop blaming everyone else because he had a seizure.

Has he forgotten that he made, and continues to make, his fortune from the public who purchase his albums and other related items and attend his concerts?

 Chris Brown seizure, what caused it?