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The Situation sues another company for millions

November 19, 2012 Chellie Cervone
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The Situation sues another company for millions

mike the situation sorrentino The Situation sues another company for millionsMike Sorrentino, The Situation, sues another company for millions.

Another company!

He’s already been there, done that and it paid off for him so it looks like he went back for a repeat performance to make some easy money.

What is it with this guy?

He was sued in the past by a Florida company,  Performance Brands, for not living up to his end of the deal he made with them.

You know, he went into rehab, after lying about it first, and finally copped to the fact that he was in rehab.

So after the Florida company sued him; he then turned around and sued them.

And he won! Money-wise.

The bottom line was that they settled with him and he got a BIG payout for doing absolutely nothing.

Now The Situation sues another company for millions.

This time it’s a vodka company, Devotion Spirits.

He’s making all kinds of claims about the vodka company ripping him off..

Sorrentino is saying that basically that he made them and they didn’t make good on what they promised.

Specifically, according to TMZ, Sitch claims the deal called for him to acquire an 8% ownership stake in the company — which he says he got — but that Devotion failed to add 2% to his ownership share on their one-year anniversary, like the deal called for.

Sitch also claims they failed to provide him with a $400,000 “buy back” option for his shares on their two-year anniversary and failed to supply him with sales reports.

So he’s suing for entire 10% which he figures is $5 mil.

So let’s get this right, he got his 8%, but claims he’s due 2% and because he alleges they didn’t cough up the extra 2%, he suing for the whole 10%.

And, he says he didn’t get his buyback option, which would have only been $400,000 so he now wants $5 million.

Unbelievable. Really unbelievable.

Maybe the judge will give you the additional 2% at the rate it was and force you to sell back your ownership for 400G since you whining that you didn’t get the paperwork.

Either Sorrentino REALLY sucks as a businessman, or he’s really conniving and figured out an easy way to make big money post Jersey Shore and is laughing at all of us, and all the way to the bank. It’s likely the latter.

And will likely make other companies more cautious when dealing with him.

 The Situation sues another company for millions